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<I>Apis florea</I> Fabricius (Apidae, Bangladesh)

Apis florea Fabricius (Apidae, Bangladesh)

A database BeeFTadauchi is a specimen database based on the bee collection collected in foreign countries except for Central Asia by Prof. Osamu Tadauchi. The countries include Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Iran and those of Europe (Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, England, etc) . The total number of specimens at present is 21,170 (September 29, 2015). Each record consists of 26 items according to a format of the Darwin Core of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility(GBIF), such as scientific name, country, collecting locality, collecting date, collector, etc. The specimen data collected by Osamu Tadauchi from Central Asia and Japan were recorded in the other database files, BeeCAsia and BeeELKU, respectively.

The related bee database files are as follows:
HANABACHI (Image database based on the Japanese bees)
TABR (Reference database based on troipical Asian bees)
ELKUType (Type specimen database based on the collection preserved in the Entomological Laboratory, Kyushu University)
BeeFukuda (Bee specimen database based on Dr. Fukuda’s collection)
BeeCAsia (Bee specimen database based on the collection collected in Central Asia by the Kyushu University Expedition)
BeeELKU (Bee specimen database based on the collection preserved in the Entomological Laboratory, Kyushu University, except for Prof. Tadauchi’s foreign collections)
ABeeBOL (DNA Barcode Database of Asian Bees)

The BeeFTadauchi is managed by a text database management system SIGMA.
The BeeFTadauchi file is supported by a Grant-in-Aid for Publication of Scientific Research Results (Head Investigator: Osamu Tadauchi) and a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(A) (Head Investigator: Osamu Tadauchi) from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, and a Grant-in-Aid for Biodiversity Database from Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) (Head Investigator: Osamu Tadauchi).
The use of data in this database is free of charge if the objective is academic study or educational purposes.

Items of Data

Data and Tags are the Following 26 items.

1. (IDNO) Specimen ID Number
2. (BOX) Specimens Box Number
3. (DATE) Date Last Modified
4. (INST) Institution Code
5. (COLC) CollectionCode
6. (NAME) Scientific Name
7. (PHY) Phylum
8. (CL) Class
9. (OR) Order
10. (FAM) Family
11. (GEN) Genus
12. (SP) Species
13. (SUBSP) Subspecies
14. (AU) Scientific Name Author
15. (IDBY) Identified By
16. (YID) Year Identified
17. (COL) Collector
18. (COLD) Collecting Date
19. (C) Country
20. (STPRV) State Province
21. (LOC) Locality
22. (LONG) Longitude
23. (LAT) Latitude
24. (SEX) Sex
25. (PREPT) Preparation Type
26. (NOTE) Note (Associated Plants, etc)

Example of a record


Specimen ID Number
Specimens Box Number
Date Last Modified 2010. 02. 28
Institution Code ELKU
Scientific Name Andrena (Melandrena) crassepunctata
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Insecta
Order Hymenoptera
Family Andrenidae
Genus Andrena
Species crassepunctata
Scientific Name Author Cockerell, 1931
Identified By
Year Identified
Collector O. Tadauchi
Collecting Date 25/04/1997
Country KR
State Province
Locality Schwa Beach, Pukcheju-gun, Cheju Is.
Sex F
Preparation Type
Note (Associated Plants, etc) host: Brassica

Publications, Manuals and Explanations

Tadauchi, O., C. Hirosawa, H. Inoue, T. Sugimoto, R. Murao, N. Takahashi, S. Sato, K. Mitai and Y. Hara, 2009. Specimen database AIIC, Asian insect information center database, based on types and normal specimens collected in Asia and the Pacific Area, Part 1. Esakia, (49): 1-5.

Copyright Notice

Entomology Database Project Group (Head: O. Tadauchi, Editors: O. Tadauchi, R. Murao, C. Nakamura, System administrator: H. Inoue, Y. Hara, F. Kamitomo) holds the copyright on the entomology database BeeFTadauchi.

Inquiries and Comments

Inquiries and Comments about BeeFukuda Should be the Following E-mail Address.

Database BeeFTadauchi (Osamu Tadauchi, Satoshi Kamitani)
Entomological Laboratory,
Faculty of Agriculture,
Kyushu University
Fukuoka, 812-8581
E-mail: tadauchi@kyudai.jp
E-mail: kamitani@agr.kyushu-u.ac.jp


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